7 Programming Blogs Worth Following In 2020

Recently there’s a lot of brilliant blogs about programming all over the internet. Although, if you would like to read all of them, you’d easily either only do that or run out of time quickly 🙉

I would love to hear from you what are the blogs that you recently follow and are not on this list. But, first I would like to share my list with you.

The list is presented alphabetically and contains a blog, my favorite post, and a summary of what is the blog about. I hope this will help you quickly filter out what is interesting for you.

List Of Programming Blogs

Blog Arkency

I started following it during the lockdown because those guys are real experts on Async & Remote topics.

FAVORITE BLOG POST – Use Channels Not Direct Messages

Enterprise Craftsmanship

The blogs’ name describes it perfectly. It’s written by Vladimir Khorikov that is an expert on DDD, Functional Programming, Enterprise development. Recently writing a lot about unit testing.

FAVORITE BLOG POST – Error Handling – Exception Or Result?

Jason Taylor

I really admire Jason’s NDC talk about Clean Architecture. His technical stack (TypeScript, Angular, NET Core) is also very close to my heart. Follow his blog if you’re interested in mentioned stack & clean architecture.

FAVORITE BLOG POST – The Importance Of Code Review

Kamil Grzybek

I found Kamil’s blog when I was looking for a solution to migrating from old platform to a new one. The problem with old platforms is that they get less and less attention (compare .net framework vs .net core for example).

I also really like his manifesto!

FAVORITE BLOG POST – Strangling .NET Framework App to .NET Core

The Reformed Programmer

Brilliant posts about techniques related to .NET Core backend. I really enjoy reading posts about Entity Framework and articles about authorization.

FAVORITE BLOG POST – A better way to handle authorization in ASP.NET Core

Too Slow Exception

Authority on .NET Memory Management. Great posts on async related topics.

FAVORITE BLOG POST – Async Await In A Single Picture

Udi Dahan

There are 3 letters that Udi is famous for. SoA. I love the way he’s simplifying and explaining lots of concepts.

FAVORITE BLOG POST – Why You Should Be Using CQRS Almost Everywhere


This is my top 7 that I admire for high quality content. I am regulary reading those blogs. When I am in trouble and I need to look for reference of architectural designs, etc., I also search them first.

What blogs should be added to this list?
Let me know in the comment.

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